Brain wellness

With life expectancy rising, many individuals are experiencing age-related cognitive decline.  Fortunately, research shows that a combination of mental exercises, physical exercise, and a healthy diet boosts cognitive skills and can slow or even prevent cognitive decline.  Mental exercises are our speciality.  While doing the daily crossword in the newspaper may improve your ability to find words, it is unlikely to improve overall cognition.  This is best achieved through performing a variety of exercises that target language, working memory, math, problem solving, processing speed, and executive functions.  Guess what?  We’ve got them.  Let us provide you with fun, engaging exercises to keep your brain healthy.  We’ll also share the latest information on brain wellness to help you maintain your mental fitness.

Cognitive-linguistic training is not just for those who are already experiencing cognitive decline.  The brain is dynamic and has the power to change.  It is beneficial to engage in cognitive exercises when your brain is healthy, and keep it sharp and flexible as you age by challenging yourself to learn new things and have new experiences.