Colorado Brain Recovery is a private Speech-Language Pathology practice specializing in cognitive retraining, speech and language rehabilitation, concussion management, executive function training for adults and children, and therapy to improve swallow and voice function.  Click here to see a list of the patient populations that we serve.  We have locations in Boulder, Denver, Greenwood Village, and Fort Collins.

 Our office provides the following types of assessment:

  • Swallowing Assessment

  • Voice Assessment

  • Articulation Assessment

Our office provides treatment in the following areas:

  • Cognition: memory, concentration and attention, reasoning, auditory processing, speed of processing, etc…

  • Executive Functioning: time management, organization, planning, etc…

  • Language: receptive and expressive language

  • Academic Skills: reading, writing, math, spelling

  • Speech:  articulation and speech sound production

  • Educational accommodations for the classroom and standardized testing

  • Swallowing strategies and compensations for a safe swallow


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