"If I had to sum up my experience in a sentence, it would be: “I went from injured and discouraged to confident with marked improvement and equipped for future challenges.” My therapist paid very close attention to all my individual needs and really honed in on the areas I struggled in! There was a significant difference in the testing before and after my therapy sessions. It can be really embarrassing when the “Brain fog, confusion or mental fatigue common with a TBI sets in” and no matter how I was doing I was always treated with dignity and respect. My therapist also understood the emotional lows and feelings of isolation I went through and was a constant source of support and encouragement. I highly recommend CBR to anyone who has had a TBI or is struggling with other cognitive or language deficits! The staff is amazing, kind and supportive! Going to the CBR was the best decision I made in recovering from a TBI. I’m leaving equipped with a skill set that will continue to help me on my healing journey!"


"Colorado Brain Recovery was truly a godsend for me. I knew I was having difficulty processing and thought it might be related to a car accident I had 15 years ago but it wasn't until I was tested that I was sure that my mental capacity was not where it should, and more importantly, where it could be. With 6 weeks of sessions with Sarah and a lot of at-home exercises I was able to significantly improve my mental capacity. Enough so, that people in my life who didn't know I was doing this work noticed and mentioned how much more I was "on my game" lately. It's had a huge effect on my professional life as well as my physical well-being to be able to think so much more effectively. Thank you!"


"This is the one place I recommend to everyone who needs help with brain injuries. The terrible effects of chemo brain made it nearly impossible for me to perform basic neurological functions to get through my day. The Colorado Brain Recovery staff did a thorough assessment and provided cognitive therapies and hands-on practices for me to heal. Their kindness, understanding, and welcoming personalities made it a pleasure to work with them. I felt taken care of and encouraged throughout this once daunting task."


“Colorado Brain Recovery's staff's experience and expertise had a profound impact on my well- being and recovery. With their support, I was able to understand how I was impacted by my traumatic brain injury and work toward outcomes that improved, not only my well- being, but my cognitive functioning. Colorado Brain Recovery certainly has the most knowledgeable, comfortable, and efficacious cognitive therapists in Colorado. They have made a lasting change for me to feel better, improve my performance at work, and be a happier person despite my brain injury. As I move through this year, it has been incredible to see the improvement in how much my brain is working. I have such gratitude for all your work and support!”


“Two years ago I became very sick with meningoencephalitis and ended up with some serious cognitive deficits. I was unable to do simple math, could barely put a sentence together and could not drive, among other things. Ramya developed a cognitive therapy treatment plan that was designed to address my specific problems. The therapy sessions were rigorous, but she made them fun and I noticed improvements every week. After several months, all of my cognitive deficits were gone, and I think I was actually mentally "sharper" than I'd been ever before! I still keep up with the daily cognitive training exercises I was introduced to in those sessions because I now know of their life-long benefits. I am grateful every day for the treatment I received. Thank you so much!”


"I am used to being a highly functioning, intelligent medical provider. After sustaining a concussion and mild traumatic brain injury in an accident, I had difficulties with simple math, word finding and executive functioning. I was frightened and concerned that this lower functioning would be my new normal.
I was referred to Colorado Brain Recovery where I was expertly tested and a treatment plan was made. Working with Sarah, I noticed improvements weekly in my cognitive abilities and my fears were diminished quickly. Sarah is skilled and compassionate, making therapy fun instead of a chore. The "homework" added to my recovery and I continue to do the work even though I have completed my formal therapy. I am now again able to perform confidently in my work and personal life. Thank you for giving me back my life!"


“In 2011 I became the victim of a hit-and-run accident. I was left lying in the road, and suffered a concussion after being knocked to the ground. Following this, I had extreme difficulty concentrating. I often became distracted and had difficulty completing tasks once I started them. The most unsettling thing of all was that I had difficulty understanding people and following conversations. I felt anxious and depressed and had extreme difficulty functioning. After nearly two months of feeling disconnected and not knowing what to do, I went to Colorado Brain Recovery. Promptly, a variety of tests were performed that validated my symptoms, and I began cognitive communication treatment to improve word retrieval, my ability to formulate thoughts, executive functioning, and memory strategies. Without Ramya's help, my recovery would have taken much longer, or even worse, may never have occurred. The therapy and the new set of cognitive skills I learned quickly led me down the path to regaining my sense of self and belief in my own ability that had been ripped away in the accident. The emotional effects of losing my cognitive abilities were devastating to me. I would like to give my wholehearted thanks for the personal attention and care they extend to clients such as me. I feel that only through their help was I able to resume, and consequently advance in my career and personal life.”


“The provider's expertise in the way the brain responds to a mild traumatic brain injury kept me sane, gave me hope and provided therapies for healing and functioning that I still use today, almost ten years after I fell down the stairs in our house. Colorado Brain Recovery's staff helped guide my family through the difficult early period after the accident when I was literally not myself. I learned how diet, rest, sleep, the nervous system, stress, and cognitive responses can affect recovery from a mild traumatic brain injury. I also gained insights about my personality and way of being in the world that continue to influence me today. I really do not know what I would have done had I not had the professional support and cognitive treatment when I had my accident."


"Sarah Brittain was referred to us by our pediatrician to help our four year old with articulation issues. We were a bit nervous about the process and in particular wanted our son to feel supported rather than self conscious. From the first moment we met "Miss Sarah the Speech Coach" we were all delighted by the way she balanced her extensive experience and expertise with an atmosphere of low key fun. Not only did we see a tremendous improvement in the clarity of our son's speech, he actually looked forward to working with her every week. Sarah is capable and so talented. She has become a trusted resource for us."